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Youth Connections Fredericton

The Youth Connections program is a partnership between the John Howard Society of Fredericton and Community Integrated Services of the Fredericton Police Force that operates outside of the John Howard Society of Fredericton.

Youth Connections Fredericton consists of three youth connectors who work at a street level service with youth ages 12-25 years old. These connectors can provide information on various services, help to complete referrals, and act as a link to support youth as they begin to create their own network of support and access these services.

Youth Connections Fredericton saw numerous noteworthy outcomes as a result of their program. Some of these results include supporting multiple clients in their return to school, aiding youth in connecting to community services, aiding a client in finding housing that best fits their needs, and even reconnecting with youth who had become disconnected from services along the way and successfully maintained a high engagement level with them.

For more information please contact 506-450-2750.