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Youth Outreach Program

The New Brunswick Youth Outreach Program is delivered in the Fredericton region by the John Howard Society of Fredericton in partnership with the New Brunswick African Association.

The program is targeted at Africans, Black Canadians, African-Europeans and Caribbeans living in the Fredericton region who are between the ages of 12 and 26 with the purpose of:

  • Promoting the welfare of Black Canadians, Africans, African-Europeans, Caribbeans and their families within our community,
  • Promoting equal opportunities for Black Canadians, Africans, African-Europeans, and Caribbeans among their peers,
  • Overseeing the performances and improvement of Black Canadians, Africans African-Europeans and Caribbeans in our educational system,
  • Building leadership in youth, and
  • Preventing the root causes of behaviours which lead to the incarceration of Black Canadians, Africans, African-Europeans and Caribbeans.

Through this program, we:

  • Assist youth in finding employment that matches their skills set,
  • Provide strong school supports and connections to school activities for youth,
  • Liaise with teachers to assist youth in meeting educational requirements,
  • Provide basic tutoring and refer youth to advanced tutoring needs,
  • Provide opportunities to portray a more favourable image of black youth while shunning the negative images,
  • Provide mentorship with youth to assist them in coping with harassment and racism, and
  • Refer youth to aid in healing from current or past trauma.

For more information on the Youth Outreach Program, please email or call (506) 450-2750.