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At Home and Beyond Program

The At Home and Beyond Program is a skills-building/support initiative for people who may be at risk of eviction, or who are struggling to maintain safe and affordable housing.

This 10-week group-based program helps individuals build the skill set they need to successfully maintain a home and build networks in the community.

It is a highly interactive and supportive program that offers small group-based workshops in a welcoming friendly environment. 

Workshop themes include:

  1. Home cooking on a tight budget: making cooking and menu planning fun and affordable.
  2. Eating fresh all year round: how to grow or find fresh produce on a fixed income
  3. Financial Empowerment: learn tricks on how to make ends meet and how to recover from bad credit or no credit.
  4. Tenant and Landlord Rights: negotiating a lease, damage deposit, late rent, or damages can be tricky – learn about your rights and obligations as a renter!
  5. Feeling Good Inside and Out: learn strategies for well-being, like how to improve self-esteem, bring down high blood pressure, increase energy, and learn how to access services using your Health Card.
  6. Dealing with Difficult People: resolving conflicts with others can be difficult – learn how to be heard and manage challenging situations!

Come out and learn about making roots and making community!

To access this program, please contact 506-450-2750