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Chimo Helpline           1-800-667-5005

Chimo is a provincial crisis phone line which provides confidential, bilingual crisis intervention services that are accessible 24 hours of the day, 365 days a year to all residents of New Brunswick. We also offer a live CHAT option from 5pm to Midnight daily.

The name Chimo comes from the Inuktitut word for friend.  The helpline has caring and compassionate intervention workers who provide support through active listening, problem solving, community resources and suicide intervention.

Chimo interveners assist individuals with issues such as emotional distress, anxiety, loneliness, general information/resources, relationships, depression, mental health, and thoughts of suicide. Trained interveners help individuals problem-solve with day-to-day issues, acute situations and help them remain safe while in crisis. At Chimo we are very cognizant that we do not counsel or give advice but rather offer support, help the caller problem solve and refer them to appropriate resources in their community. 

Please Note:  no crisis intervention will be offered over email or social media.

For more information or promotional materials contact:

Phone: (506) 450-2750