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Housing Programs

Housing Programs

Supportive Housing Program:

The Supportive Housing Program is a collaborative initiative carried out by Social Development Housing Division and the John Howard Society of Fredericton Inc. This program offers supportive subsidized units (1-bedroom apartments) to non-elderly adults.

Through this program, residents work on achieving self- sufficiency and once reached, individuals are transferred into non-supportive subsidized housing.

The Supportive Housing Program follows the same five core principles as the Housing First Program: 

  1. Immediate Access to Permanent Housing with no Housing Readiness.
  2. Consumer Choice and Self-Determination.
  3. Recovery Oriented.
  4. Individualized and Client Driven.
  5. Social and Community Integration.

The Housing First model allows tenants to become responsible for their behaviours, while also learning socially acceptable methods of responding to tenant-landlord relationships and community expectations.

The John Howard Society of Fredericton’s Supportive Housing Program has three main rules for tenants:

  1. Pay rent on time.
  2. Do no harm.
  3. Cause no damage.

For more information about our Supportive Housing Program, please contact (506) 450- 2750.

Val Macullam House

Val Macullam House is a 12 unit permanent supportive housing complex located on Main Street in  Fredericton. The ground floor of this location also serves as our head office.

Rosemary’s Place

Rosemary’s Place provides four units of permanent supportive housing and is located in Marysville.

Marshall House

Marshall House, in downtown Fredericton, provides housing for up to five youth over the age of 18. Youth support services also operate out of this building. 

St. Marys Street

This is a four unit “scattered-site” supportive housing residence located on the north side of Fredericton.

The Oak Centre:

The Oak Centre is a supportive housing complex located uptown in the city of Fredericton that the John Howard Society of Fredericton implemented July 1st, 2021.

The Oak Centre primarily helps individuals who are experiencing or have experienced homelessness.

This complex is a good catalyst for residents to feel comfortable and stable in their environment; it provides a warm atmosphere in its interior, from the front lobby and lounging area to its café and kitchen – the common areas of the Oak Centre are places where individuals can feel welcome and secure. As well as a first point of safety, individuals are offered support during and after their contact with our services.

At the Oak Centre, we provide 12 rooms on the 1st floor, a Housing Focused Shelter, and 21 more units that are subsidized by NB housing for our more independent and permanent residents. We want all clients and residents to feel welcome and be provided with all the help we can offer.

For more information on the Oak Centre and our services, please call (506) 206-0667.

The John Howard Society of Fredericton owns and operates five supportive housing buildings scattered across the community.

Oak Centre Café

Launched in early November of 2021, the Oak Centre Café is open to residents and clients Monday to Friday from 8am to 4:30pm.

It is a safe place with a welcoming environment where our clients can meet with their workers, interact with each other, grab a bite to eat and relax.

Breakfast is supplied in house, while lunch and supper are provided via the Fredericton Community Kitchens.