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Community Program (Integrated Correctional Program Model – New Brunswick)

New Brunswick Correctional Services are now offering an Integrated Correctional Program Model (ICPM) to offenders. This program is the same program that is offered by Correctional Services of Canada.

The John Howard Society of Fredericton is delivering the Community Program component of the ICPM in our region.

The Community Program is for moderate to high-risk offenders who have been released into the community and would have benefited from taking the program in the institution but did not receive it, primarily because the program is new to provincial institutions and therefore wasn’t available to them while they were in custody. All participants in the program are referred to us by Probation Services.

The goal of this program is to reduce the offender’s risk of reoffending, and to prepare them to integrate into a Community Maintenance Program, which will soon be available in the Province for people who have been in a Provincial Correctional Services facility. In Fredericton region, this program will be delivered by staff from The John Howard Society of Fredericton.

The Community Program works with offenders to identify their risk factors and develop personal targets. This program provides offenders with the skills, insight and competencies needed to better reintegrate into society, making for a safer, healthier community. 

The program is delivered over 17 sessions, twice a week, with a continuous intake. There is the possibility of an additional 4 individual sessions for certain offenders. It is delivered by a single facilitator and accommodates groups up to 10 participants.

The Community Program is a key component to help offenders make positive changes in their thoughts and actions, and to help them work toward positive goals, while integrating back into society.